Tempus vs. Calvetica

Feature Calvetica Tempus A Cutlass Supreme
Minimalist, Swiss-inspired design  
Schedule events in two taps (plus typing event)  
iPhone and iPad versions for one price  
Google, MobileMe, Exchange support  
Continuously scrolling agenda view  
Landscape scrolling week view  
Tap and hold on month cells to "quick add" an event  
Swipe between months  
Custom event details screen that reduces taps (no more "tumblers")  
Landscape scrolling week view  
Complex repeat patterns  
Notes, location, attendees, FULL exchange support  
More alarm options than you get with Apple's interface  
Share events via email or SMS  
Fully customizable event details screen - hide things you don't use  
Default alarm settings  
Default calendar settings  
Set default duration for events  
Show a date badge on the app icon  
International, time zone support, European settings  
Knowledge base that updates live, over the web  
Tasks/Todos with cloud syncing    
Snoozable alerts    
Four different ways of viewing your day's events    
Lightning fast reminders (tap and hold on plus icon)    
Jump to date    
Custom colors  
All day/duration bars in month view    
Event search    
More gesture support    
Custom (louder) alert sounds    
Many more configuration options    
Makes you look like a pimp