Simple. Universal. Full-featured. Fast. Tempus.

Tempus is Calvetica's minimalist little brother. Same speed, a bit simpler, a bit more relaxed.



  • iPhone and iPad versions for one price
  • Google, MobileMe, Exchange support… Works with your existing calendars
  • A fast, responsive UI that gets out of your way
  • Two-tap scheduling
  • Continuously scrolling agenda view
  • Turn to landscape for our continuously scrolling week view
  • Tap and hold on month cells to open our custom quick add screen
  • Swipe between months
  • Tap on headers to jump back to "today"
  • Custom event details screen that reduces taps (no more "tumblers")
  • Complex repeat patterns (every 3rd, 4th, 7th day of the month, etc)

More Features

  • More alarm options than you get with Apple's interface
  • Share events via email or SMS
  • Fully customizable event details screen - hide things you don't use
  • Default alarm settings
  • Default calendar settings
  • Set default duration for events
  • Show a date badge on the app icon
  • International, time zone support, European settings
  • Knowledge base that updates live, over the web
  • A passionate developer team that delivers regular updates
  • More to come!