We’re switching from Flow to Kickoff as our task manager.

Flow pros: - Super cool and easy task addition - Web app, mac app and iOS app (all are very nicely built) - Pretty darn good UI - Not buggy at all - notifications are awesome and very informative. You never miss anything.

Flow cons: - tags are private to individual users (WTF???) - how you organize lists into folders is private to users (W….T…F…!!!!!!!!) - Managing all the fine grained permissions is a freaking PAIN for small teams where we’d rather everyone just have access to everything. - PRICEY!!!

Kickoff pros: - The mac app is fully featured and fast - Super simple tasks, easy to add tasks - No complex permissions - Quite affordable - AWESOME meeting room chat. SO FREAKING USEFUL. - fixes pretty much everything we hate about

Kickoff cons: - no tags on tasks - a little buggy. When I want to see one users tasks across all lists, it doesn’t work. Among other little things. - The dashboard doesn’t show when people leave comments so no one notices

Overall, we like the simplicity of Kickoff more and we’ve emailed them and they say they are gonna remove the cons I’ve listed, so we’re super excited about it.