One scary part of adding live chat to your site is the fear of missing a chat from a customer, or appearing online when you're unable to respond and disappointing customers. Firehose Chat provides you with the tools you need to set your availability, get notified of new chats even when you're on the go, and even takes a message for you if all else fails, so customers are always happy. Here's a brief overview of all the tools Firehose Chat provides to help you out.

Specify the times you'd like to be unavailable in Preferences.


Do not disturb is great for the times you know you won't be available to customers. You can set your DND hours in the preference section of the app. Along with set hours, we also offer a toggle switch that allows you to manually trigger DND status. This is especially helpful when you're in a meeting, have to run an errand, or are otherwise unavailable to immediately answer chat messages.

Online/Offline Messages

Outside of your DND hours, you'll always appear online to your website visitors. During this time, customers will see your online messaging, such as "Live Chat" in the header and a welcome message. This is all 100% configurable in the Mac app settings. Don't speak english? You can change all text to be in any language you want.

During DND hours, your offline messaging will show. Customers will be prompted to leave a message with their email address, and those messages will then be forwarded to your email.

Example Offline Messaging

Example Online Messaging

Push Notifications

Push Notifications help you stay in the loop without having to always be at your desk.

There's no need to be tethered to a computer, or even to keep the Firehose Chat app open. If your DND is off, then any time a visitor starts chatting for the first time, you'll get a push notification right to your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mac. Yes, on your Mac too. It feels just like text messaging.

Answering Machine

There will be times outside of your DND hours where, for one reason or another, you won't be able to answer a chat immediately. If a visitor comes to your site during online hours and sends a chat, our app waits around 30 seconds for you to respond. If no response is sent, a message pops up asking the visitor to leave a message with their email address. If the visitor leaves their email address, all messages left by the visitor will be sent to your mailbox, where you'll be able to continue the conversation. You can think of our answering machine as a safety net, making sure that you don't miss any chats.

We do our darndest to make sure your customers can contact you when it's convenient, and they receive a professional leave-a-message experience when it's not. Give Firehose Chat a shot and let us know how it goes!