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Customer Count (Mac)

A new bar has been added at the bottom of the customer list of the Mac app showing how many customers are shown and how many there are total. We also fixed a bug where opening attachments opened the wrong one.


We've added markdown support for formatting your outgoing responses. Theres no way to format a Tweet or a Facebook post, so its only useful for e-mail right now. When add live chat, we'll likely support it there too.

New Text View (Mac)

We've been using a framework developed by Twitter and the open source community to build Firehose for Mac. Unfortunately, at the time that we started contributing to it, it's text view was quite broken. We started from scratch and rewrote the text view so now it's pretty awesome. We've heard from quite a few customers about weird behavior with the old text view, so I think this new one will be quite refreshing. Another reason we rewrote it from scratch is because we have some really big plans for improving how we all type responses to customers and a really powerful and customizable text view is key to that. Look forward to the future!

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