New Conversation View

Introducing our all new conversation view. It reminds you of chat you say? Well that's sort of the idea.


We are going to add live chat, and instead of creating a separate UI for it, we decided it belonged with everything else. We're treating it as just another channel. Our thought is, that should allow all of us to care less about how a customer is contacting us and focus more on responding quickly.

Switching Directions

Chat would definitely feel weird in the opposite direction than we are all use to, most recent at the bottom. But, email feels weird unless the most recent is at the top, like we had it before. So, we had to make a choice, and we decided we wanted to make everything feel the same, and we wanted everything to feel like chat. So we punted on choosing and decided e-mail doesn't need to be distinguished as e-mail. We thought it'd be great if we could just "chat" with customers, hopefully in "real-time" as possible, no matter the channel.

Simplified & Better

We've reduced chrome and focused on uniformity. Each chat bubble has an avatar by it to easily see what the customer is saying and what the agent is saying. We've also made it possible to attach notes to any bubble, which you might find useful.

Note: Agent avatars are pulled from Gravatar. We may support our own in the future, but maybe not. Im secretly glad Github forced me to start using Gravatar :)