We're about to roll out an update that allows you to delete customers forever. It'll be obvious how to do this when you get the update. The Mac App will be updated first and the web app quickly after. So here are some scenarios:

Unresolved Customer

This is someone who appears in your customer list no matter what. The "Unresolved Only" focuses on these customers. These are real people who need your help.

Resolved Customer

This is someone you have successfully helped. If no response text fields appear in the conversation view and all agents have been un-flagged from all of the customers incoming messages, the customer is resolved and is grouped together into your entire list of customers.

Non-customer Messages

This happens if, for example you get a billing receipt come into Firehose. We currently have no way to automatically deal with this, but we will be implementing rules soon and you'll be able to automatically resolve these. Ideally you would set up another email to get non-customer support requests, but theres always exceptions.


If you get a message you don't ever want to see, especially if its something you'd never want your company to be associated with, then you can delete it forever. You will never see it again.

We hope you find this useful.