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Browser App Updated

  • added desktop notifications to alert you when new interactions arrive.
  • Fixed popovers in firefox (more firefox fixes coming)
  • fixed top interaction being cut off when dibs bar is showing.
  • many other small bug fixes

Something Cool

We just submitted the mac app to the app store, for those who prefer that.

We've been releasing bug fixes/improvements across all our clients daily.

Finally, as a heads up, we're working hard on something really cool you're going to love.

Small Mac Update

A small Mac app update is available for download. Open the Mac app and go to Firehose > Check for updates. Or you can download from our website

iOS Bugs

We're working on the bugs in the iOS app. Our small team focuses mostly on making what we already have better, faster, more reliable. This leaves less time for add new features, something we to change as our team grows.

Introducing Our Honor System Trial

As you can check out on our home page, we've changed our trial model. New users can now try Firehose for as long as they'd like, extending their trial each time it is about to expire and they need more time. This should allow us to give people a pressure-free way to try Firehose and really give it a good shake. We know once people use Firehose regularly, they fall in love with it and are more than willing to pay. So, tell your friends!


Our lazy designer is in Hawaii and everyone else is somewhere else celebrating spring break, so its just me this week writing tests and fixing bugs. So, not many exciting announcements this week, but we do have a few great things posed for launch next week as soon as our designer is back and can polish up the UX. probably the most exciting is our knowledge base theme editor. It gives you a great default theme but absolutely complete control over customization if you want it. As always, get in touch with us if you'd like to see something in Firehose we don't have.


The ability to create kb articles from within the browser app is live and it's awesome. I'm currently working on a theme editor for the kb so you have complete control over how your company's kb looks. I hope to have that done today and pushed live. Parker is working on our new innovative trial model. Everyone else is bug fixing and improving various things. We thought we'd have search fixed by this week but it might be a few more days.

First Advertising Campaign

Since we started developing Firehose almost 2 years ago, we've acquired an impressive amount of users considering we've never advertised. Tomorrow, our first ad will run on the Deck Network. We are so excited and I, Adam, want to congratulate the team and thank our early adopter customers!

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