Dialvetica is the Two-Tap Contact App

Your contacts app should be smart enough to know who your favorites are. Call, text or email someone in just two quick taps.



  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Pulls from your existing contacts
  • Uncluttered, minimalist interface
  • Learns from your habits

More Features

  • Ok, it’s actually a little creepy
  • But in a good way
  • Looks good sitting next to Calvetica
  • Helvetica


We hope you’re having a nice day. If you still need help after reading this, please contact us. Thanks!

This app is for accessing contacts FAST. This is not a contact manager, it is a contact contacter :)

Use the “sticky” keyboard to filter contacts by individual characters. It’s rather smart and you may feel like it’s reading your mind but it’s not, we promise. For example, you can select "R" and "F" and "Rob Foster" will filter to the top. You could also type "A", "D" and then "K" and "Adam Kirk" will filter to the top. You could also type “FLO” and “Flotsam and Jetsam” may filter to the top

It learns from your usage. We use a pretty complicated sorting algorithm with about 10 metrics, and how much you contact someone is a pretty heavy metric. When you first open the app, your top contacted contacts will be displayed in order from most contacted to least. If your wife’s name is “Anna”, and hopefully you call her more than “Adam”, When you hit the "A" Character, you will see “Anna” then “Adam.”

Dialvetica remembers your favorite numbers to call for your contacts. When you attempt to call, sms or email a contact with multiple phone numbers or email addresses, you will be prompted to pick one to use. What you choose will be used from then on, unless you press and hold the respective icon to change the default.

If you start to feel woozy while using Dialvetica, please put your phone down. Do not taunt Dialvetica.