Calvetica is the FAST calendar for iPhone and iPad

Add an event in just two quick taps. See how full your week or day is at a glance. It works with the built-in iPhone calendar but it’s faster.


  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Syncs flawlessly with the built-in calendar
  • Uncluttered, minimalist interface
  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad

More Features

  • At-a-glance month view
  • Delicious agenda view
  • Custom, ultrasonic alerts
  • Snooze button on alert dialogs

Multiple alarms are a piece of cake.

Rotate phone to see a flexible week view

Heaps of features for power users and the ability to keep it simple, if that's your thing.

Multiple calendar support and more


Here's what a few folks around the web have to say about Calvetica:

First cut was strong; new version is AMAZING. On my desktop, I don’t open iCal anymore, I go straight into BusyCal and now on my iPhone, I’m all about Calvetica. Like all my favorite iPhone apps, it gives you as little chrome as possible but as much functionality when you need it. Sublime.
— Merlin Mann,
$2.99 calendar app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with an emphasis on fast, convenient event creation and a very crisp, stylish UI design. I have a few niggles, but Mysterious Trousers — the excellently-named developers of the app — are improving it at a very steady clip.
— John Gruber,
Wow, I really like the cleanliness of this calendar app… Just look at how beautiful this app looks and how wonderfully it performs… It’s really fast. I really do like it for that reason alone… This app is really really nice.
— Adam Curry, Big App Show
If it seems like it was only last month that Calvetica debuted as a unique, clean, and Helvetica-ized alternative to the iPhone’s built-in Calendar app, that’s because it was. Mysterious Trousers, Calvetica’s developer, listened to user requests, and it’s already back with a major 2.0 upgrade.
— Macworld
Calvetica is more than pretty graphics and typographic love. It is, at least for me, the best calendar application currently available on the iPhone. In the next days I’ll take a look at more calendar solutions and apps you recommended, but as far as my workflow is concerned — my quest ends with Calvetica.
— MacStories